Custom art by Shauna Howell


This is my latest idea:

A movable mural!

The great thing about this is it's not permanent. I cut out the design from an 1/8" hard board then install it with removable velcro.

I paint it in my home and install it in yours!

When your child outgrows it you simply remove from your walls and pass it along!

Also, I can paint for you no matter were you live. Due to the thin and light nature of the product I use I can design, paint and ship it to you no matter were you live!

These trees are 3' X 5 ' The owls have a "spacer" behind them to give it a 3D look when installed.
I LOVE this skeleton tree, here it is before the leafs are added.
Here's the process of adding the velcro to the cutouts. Then I simply press them in place.
Here is the skeleton tree complete with polka-dot leafs and an owl.
The wall is painted but every other feature, tree's, animals, birds and mushrooms are all cutouts that can be moved and reused!This whimsical room was painted to match the exhisting bedding that the homeowner purchased at target.
Ta - Da! I LOVE what I do!!


All Aboard!

What a statement this train makes! Love the bold colors that match the trains in the child's quilt. Customized with the boys nick-name painted across the front of this steam engine.

Vroom, Vroom!

This little boy loves green and all things that go! With simple silhouette's I was able to fit all of his favorite things in the room with out it being to busy, both mom and child love this room!